Promoter, Disc Jockey, radio announcer, producer, remixer.

His musical tastes appeared when he was 5. It all started when his mother would make him dance in front of all his family during the holidays to good ol Quebec folk and dance songs. But it was Disco music that excited him so he started to listen to all the songs that his brother would bring to the house on 45’s.

Amii Stewart, Lipps Inc, France Jolie, Voggue, Anita Ward, Sylvester and several others were his favorite artists and groups whom he regularly listened to in front of his Father’s old wooden phonograph.

While growing up, one of his cousins had the same tastes as he did for music and already owned turntables and a stereo mixer so wheel started turning. With a lot of practice and effort, one day he discovered that after every 32 bars the rhythm of the music returned to the same point, thus discovering musical measurements. At this point it was absolutely necessary to find some DJ turntables and a mixer of his own to mix songs. From there DJ Daymus practiced 6 to 8 hours per day for the whole summer, he learnt the tricks from other working DJ’s and started to control the turntables like a Master. At 17 he started DJing in local clubs displaying his own unique style which differentiated from the other Dj sets.

At 18 he enrolled for some speech pronunciation classes to add to the effect of the music, stimulating even more club goers in discotheques around Quebec’s Eastern Townships.

He continued studying at the Montreal LaSalle Conservatory in word sciences, then in radio and television production at the Jacques Le Page Institute.

He currently has a University degree in Cultural animation from the University of Quebec in Montreal. In addition to adapting songs for radio play and discotheques, his vast experience in DJ music production helps him target "the dance music" market with ease. He is also credited with producing Net Radio’s ( Groove Line show since June of 1998, broadcast every Saturday evenings from 19h to 22h, the show has currently 30 000 listeners throughout the world. Prior to that, he produced the 6 to 9 Club Mix and the 6 to 8 with CHAI-FM, he also worked with CHAA-FM as producer. His first radio experiment began as a ski announcer at the Network Sport Activity for CKAC , CFEI and CKTF .

Daymus, real name Jean-François, is also know as "Gee-Heff", loves marketing and the Internet. The Internet is what fascinates him most, he believes that the future of communications will occur in Cyberspace and multimedia.  "The Internet will be the communication tool of the future" Gee-Heff says, "Everyone should be connected".